Custom Tuna Fishing and Big Game Rods – Options

Simply put, you can have whatever you like. Every aspect of your custom rod can be adjusted to your tastes. From mild to wild we do it all.

Below are some of the options available for our custom tuna fishing and offshore Rods. *Prices listed are to be added to the currently posted rod prices.

COLORED BLANK                                                           $40.00 PER ROD

ABALONE INSERT                                                          $30.00 PER ROD

COLORED GUIDES                                                         $200.00  PER ORDER, ONE TO FOUR RODS

GOLD OR BLACK ROLLERS                                         $8.00 EACH

AUSSIE TITAINIUM TOP                                              $150.00 EACH

AFTCO STOR-A-BUTT                                                    $185.00 EACH

WINTHROP TERMINATOR BUTT                              $295.00 EACH

REEL EASY ROD SOCKS                                                $20.00 EACH

Check out some of our custom tuna rods and offshore rods below.


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